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Michal Tomas

Cinematic video and photo productions

About me

My name is Michal but living living in London, it’s just easier if you call me Michael.

I was born, brough up and finished my bachelors degree in Marketing and Advertising in Poland than moved permanently to London in 2006. I always had passion for film,TV and advertising.

In 2004 I got myself a digital camera that also recorded video at 320×240 15fps and ever since I first clicked that record motion picture button, I fell in love with making short movies, music videoclips and in generally preserving life memories in a audio-visual form.

Since 2009 I’ve been fascinated by the impact on how stereoscopic 3D technology in filmmaking can enhance the visual experience, tell a better story, capture and than allow the viewer to retain more detail and information from a scene.  Still utterly enjoy making 2D videos as much as 3D. There are projects suitable for 3D and ones that can be beatifully told in 2D. With the advent of video DSLR’s my love for both 3D  and 2D was evolving though every project I did. It’s only been since 2008 that aspiring filmmakers like myself, now started to have access to the tools the proffesionals use to get that cinematic look everyone is after. The Canon DSLR – full frame as well as crop ones – stepped in and made this possible. In my opinion, these cameras, together with the hugely versatile GoPro point of view/extreme cameras, changed the video industry forever. What matters now is the story. This is where I am trying to add my personal perspective to all videos I make, to tell a better story.

For booking enquiries as well as info about the gear I shoot and edit with, please see HIRE ME page.